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August Top Voters!

ashash1509 @ GodWorld Survival
posted Tue at 6:32

Voting has been reset in all the topsites!

Vote for GodWorld and get awesome daily rewards! Every time you vote, you're helping GodWorld to keep growing! 
Remember that the top 3 voters at the end of the month always get exclusive rewards

Top 3 Voters of August:
 First place - (Tag, 100,000 GWR & $25 Coupon)
≈ Zyluss_
 Second place -  (Tag, 50,000 GWR & $15 Coupon)
≈ Creeperbutt

 Third place - (Tag, 25,000 GWR & $10 Coupon)
≈ _Terez_
Congratulations to the Top Voters of August! Please message ashash1509 to claim your coupon code!
You can be the next Top Voter! Start by voting today at HERE!
Zyluss_ tagELITE Congratulations to Creeper and terez, lets see if i can beat you again.
MrMario35555vr ELITE
Mario__ @ GodWorld Survival
Congrats to all winners......derp
Koala_King Congrats to all the winners.

Welcome to GodWorld!

ashash1509 @ GodWorld Survival
posted Jul 28, 15

We're back! It may have been a longer than expected absent but the server to fill whats been missing in your life is back! GodWorld has been rebuilt from the ground up, block by block. We have new plugins, tweaked and improved old ones and even some that we used to have but disappeared! A spawn has been built to create a central gathering area for the community (Hmmm, it looks a little familiar too!) and lots of other cool features are there waiting you to discover them. Below is lots of useful information for you to read to get you started.

New server IP

The new IP to connect to the server is play.mcgodworld.com.

Website & Forum

The website has had a make over and hopefully you agree it is amazing and even more inviting as the previous one. A lot of work has gone into and it was a mamouth task so if you spot any errors or glitches, let us know! The forums have also been refreshed and awaiting your involvement! We have added a new ticket system for you to use when you need a little help and none of our tutorials or guides under th info tab have helped you.

A few new features have also been added, some of which will be explained later, others are just waiting for you to find them!

Ranks, Tags and Shop

Ranks have all been reviewed and yes you all keep your old rank, but the perks that were on offer may have changed. Check out the rank chart on the shop page to see what your rank now has to offer! Careful consideration went into it to ensure there was a balance and great features to say thank you for donating!

As part of this review we have retired one rank and added another! Premium is no more and all previous Premium rank holders have been given a free upgrade to Supporter! We do say hello to Ultimate, our new and highest available rank. It has some great features and contributes a lot to the up keep of the server, hopefully we will see a few Ultimates in game soon!

The shop has been updated to reflect these new changes. The shop also uses cumelative discount to work out your rank cost if you want to upgrade e.g If you've already donated $10 for VIP, Supporter should be $10 less! If this isn't the case, open a ticket through our support page and we'll get it sorted!

Staff ranks are very similar; Intern; Staff; Admin and Manager. The roles of staff have been tweaked a lot and we have recruited a lot of ex-staff to which most of you will be familair of. Intern applictions are open on the forum and maybe you can join the team one day!

Donor Rock Claim

All donor ranks get the GWRock that applies to their rank, however you all need to claim this using the below link. You should recieve your rock a few minutes after you sign in!

IMPORTANT: You need to join the server, log out and log back in at least once before claiming!

Claim here!

Builder Reset

We decided to reset this rank, with a new start we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to apply for builder! All old builders will see that their tag has been removed and are free to apply again. Check out the builder guide to see what new commands and tools builder comes with and remember to follow the format when you apply!

Builder Guide

Voting Rewards

Based on feedback we also updated the voting rewards as a way of saying thanks! When you succesfully vote you will recieve acces to some cool particle trails (/trails), 500 GWRock and the tag in the forums! The Top Voter contest will still run however the prizes have now changed to reflect the new GodWorld. See the vote page for more info!


This is a new plugin and works alongside our new currency. GWRock is the GW official currency, it comes in a physical form that is a bedrock block, it can be kept in your inventory or stored in your bank account (/bank) When in your bank it represents a virtual number which can be seen using /bal.

GWRock can be earned in many ways to increase your balance. Voting and donating are two ways, killing mobs and breaking certain blocks are another. Only GWRock in your inventory or /bank count towards your balance, so any GWRock you keep in chests or virtual chests doesnt count towards your /bal.

To make things a little competative, we have added a leaderboard to the site under the Community menu, this leaderboard shows every player and their balance. Can you make it to the top?


Don't worry about being scammed again! We have added /trade to the new server. Using the command will initiate a safe trade between two players, its a safe way to trade items, GWRock and other things! Rather than explain it all, just go try it!


The way you protect your builds in GW has also changed, we are using a plugin called GriefPrevention, a complete guide to it is available under the Info menu. When you spawn in GW you are given a few things, the first two are a chest and a golden shovel. When you find the location of your first home, place your chest and a small protection will be created straight away, you can use your golden shovel to expand it. See the tutorial for more info! 

You earn protection while you are online, so the more you play the more protection you get!

We are also using LWC to protect chests, furnaces, doors etc. Every time you place one, it will automatically protect it to your name. You need to use /lwc command to see your options. You can add friends to the chest, create a password chest or even open it to the public! 

Hopefully these new methods will reduce the chance of you being griefed, just remember to only add people you trust!


The market is BACK! Not only is there a phyisical market where you can buy and sell stuff from villagers, but we have added a virtual market (/shop) Currently there are various items to get you started but over time we will add more and allow more items to be sold, we are just waiting for more improvements to be made to the plugin by our Devs! 

So, there's a quick overview of the changes and improvements but there are many many more. What are you waiting for? Go check them out! Don't forget to leave feedback on the forums and notify us of any issues or problems you come across!

trapbuilder2 GOD Is the new spawn the 1.2.5 spawn, but edited?
LazyLinkGuy EXECUTIVE #Hype
Isaac StaffUltimate ...
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